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Headway around the world.

Headway Enters Europe, Taps Akesson As Managing Director
Headway Digital, a programmatic media company with both a demand-side platform and data management platform, on Tuesday announced its expansion into the European market.
La multiplicación de apps amenaza la rentabilidad de los desarrollos
Las aplicaciones hoy en dia son parte de un mercado millonario, pero  la consultora global Gartner proyecta que sólo 0,01% tendrá ingresos significativos en 2018.
How To Scale Mobile? Programmatic May Be the Answer
With Mobile World Congress on the horizon, anticipation and debate over of just exactly what role mobile devices can play/deliver in the advertising industry is rampant.
Nuevos Procesos de Compra: 6 Tendencias Digitales para el 2014
En los tiempos previos a Internet, las marcas ejercieron una enorme influencia sobre los consumidores. Sus mensajes firmes casi que nos obligaban a salir a comprar sus productos.
“The New Buying Journey: Six Digital Trends for 2014”
Before the Internet, brands had a huge influence on consumers. Their messages, effectively delivered over the limited number of available channels, forced us to go out and buy their wares.
Headway Digital anuncia la llegada de Luis Barragué como VP
Headway Digital, informó que Luis Barragué se incorpora como VP de Mobile y tendrá a su cargo la división Mobile de Headway Digital, tanto en el desarro
Programmatic Marketing In Emerging Markets: 5 Considerations
“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media.Today’s column is written by Martin Kogan, CEO at 
Headway Digital Announces DSP/DMP Integration
Headway Digital, a global trading desk and one of the leading demand-side platforms (DSPs) in Latin America, this week announced the integration of its DSP with its data management platform.
Headway Digital introduces Latam trading desk
Headway Digital, a digital media trading desk, just introduced a Buenos Aires, Argentina, based trading desk targeting Latin America. Portada talked to Martin Kogan, co-founder and co-CEO at Head
Headway Digital Opens Door to Global Markets for U.S. Brands
Headway Digital, the online ad industry's global media trading desk, today announced a major new initiative to improve access to global markets for U.S. online agencies and advertisers.